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Family Law and Estate Planning Blog

Preventing disputes among your grown children over their inheritance

Siblings are often contentious regarding the inheritance of their parents’ assets. However, such acrimony can be avoided by implementing certain steps that will prevent any type of forced sharing among your children. In order to prevent financial disputes among your adult children, refrain from using a pot trust, which is the term used by many […]

The importance of making arrangements for your digital assets

Most people do not consider making plans for their digital assets so that their loved ones and estate executor can access them after they die. But in this digital age of social media and online accounts, it is becoming increasingly essential to store your account passwords in order for family members and executors to locate […]

Catholic issues within estate planning

The recent 10-day visit by the Pope Francis attracted large crowds and television viewers who were mesmerized by his presence and his message. Nearly every facet of his visit was a tribute to his idea of Catholic values, including his interaction with inmates and the disabled. There are approximately 70 million Catholics residing in the […]

Factors to consider when establishing a guardianship

You may wish to set up a guardianship for your children in the event that you and your spouse are unable to care for them. It is preferable that you name a guardian in your will because if you do not, and you suffer an untimely death, one will be appointed by the court. A […]

It is important for individuals to name alternate beneficiaries when drafting a will

Much of estate planning, including the drafting of a will, involves preparing for different contingencies. One of the most important contingencies a person should make preparations for in a will is the possibility that the will writer may outlive one of his or her beneficiaries. One way to plan of this possibility is the naming […]

Trusts are a trusted way of ensuring that an inheritance passes to children as intended

One of the most important decisions many people must make during estate planning is how to leave an inheritance for their children. One of the more popular and reliable vehicles for bequeathing property to children is through trusts. The consequences of not making arrangements for the proper management of an underage child’s inheritance could turn […]

As circumstances change, ‘Last Will and Testament’ may not be final word on an estate

“Last Will and Testament” is a popular title for the document in which a person, known as a testator, names one or more people to manage his or her estate and provides for the distribution of his or her property after death. But when a person’s life circumstances change, a “Last Will and Testament” may […]

With proper planning and the right choices, a person can spare heirs the probate process

Probate tends to be costly and lengthy — so much so that many people seeks ways to avoid asking their heirs to go through the process at all. There are legal, probate-free means for transferring assets to heirs in the United States, but they vary from state to state. Within the metropolitan Washington area, which encompasses […]

Proper estate planning includes tracking a will’s location

A properly executed will is always high on the list of essential documents in sound estate planning. The decision to write a will is fundamentally important, but so are the choices made in storing the paper document once it has been produced. Somewhat surprisingly, it has been estimated that only 30 percent to 50 percent […]

The Role of Executor of an Estate May Call for an Attorney’s Help

It is usually considered an honor to be asked to assume the role of the executor of an estate for a relative or friend. Still, the challenges of the position, particularly those of more complex estate situations, can sometimes overwhelm an executor. In such circumstances, the services of an experienced attorney can provide excellent support. […]